3d Skin Layers

Replaces the usually flat second layer of player skins with a 3d modeled version. Will automatically switch to the vanilla 2d rendering when players are further away than 12 blocks in order to increase the framerate. Also supports transparent parts on things like glasses! Just keep in mind that the outer skin layer is slightly bigger than the main player model, so the cubes will not line up perfectly with the skin.

Since this mod is purely visual and fully clientside, so it doesn’t have to be installed on servers and works everywhere!


  • none


  • HD Skins

Tested with

  • First person mod
  • Not enough animations
  • Sodium
  • Iris
  • Optifine

Support via Discord or Github!


This project is licensed under tr7zw Protective License. This license does not allow others to distribute the software/derivative works(in source or binary form). You have to contact the author to get permission for redistribution. (For example: Modpacks(that are not hosted on CurseForge), “Clients”, mod hosting sites). Keep in mind that Githubs TOS and Overwolfs TOS apply at their respective places. This (among other things) means you don’t need to ask to include the mod in a CurseForge Modpack and that by contributing code it explicitly gets the same license as the repository.